Currently, I am an assistant professor at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences (DACS) and at Maastricht Law+Tech Lab (Faculty of Law), at Maastricht University (UM) in the Netherlands. My current work/research lies in the area of Social Computing and includes computational social media modeling, dialogue systems (conversational agents) and information retrieval, topic detection and tracking from text data and pattern discovery from multimodal data sources. More specifically, I am interested into using Large Language Models (like chatGPT) in a controlled way and build useful applications that have added value for all relevant stakeholders.

Current roles/contributions:

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  • May/2024: New paper from Mado Ntekouli on explaining clustering of EMA data using temporal and feature attention accepted at the 2nd World Conference on XAI (XAI 2024). Pre-print available here.
  • Apr/2024: Our paper with Rishabh Kaushal, Jacob van de Kerkhof, Catalina Goanta and Adriana Iamnitchi on the first legal and empirical analysis of the Data Services Act Transparency Database has been accepted at FAccT 2024. Pre-print available here.
  • Mar/2024: New paper from Mado Ntekouli on how to use graph neural networks to forecast EMA data is accepted at MulTiSA 2024 workshop (ICDE 2024). Pre-print available here.