Currently, I am an assistant professor at the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences and at Maastricht Law+Tech Lab (Faculty of Law), at Maastricht University (UM) in the Netherlands. My current work/research lies in the area of Social Machine Learning and includes computational social media modeling, dialogue systems (with applications in customer service & psychology), pattern discovery/network modeling from multimodal data sources and topic detection and tracking from large document collections. I like building responsible and interpretable machine learning models for domains like psychology, arts, law, etc.

I am contributing to the research themes of Machine Learning and Human Behaviour Understanding, Affective and Visual Computing and since September 2019 I joined part-time the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab where we launched inter-alia the Computational Social Media research group.

I am a member of the I-Board of the University (Chief Research Information Officer (CRIO)) leading the efforts for refining the I-strategy and the I-agenda of Maastricht University.

You can find a guide to my name here.


🆕Β  Apr/2022: Antoine Louis has published his first PhD paper titled “A statutory article retrieval dataset in French”. See preprint here. Code and data here. To be presented at ACL2022.

🆕Β  Apr/2022: Mado Ntekouli has published her first PhD paper titled “Using Explainable Boosting Machine (EBM) to compare Idiographic and Nomothetic Approaches for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Data”. See a preprint here. To be presented at IDA2022.

🆕Β  Apr/2022: Our paper about Dark Web data markets is now published! A wonderful interdisciplinary collaboration with junior CS/Law researchers (Bogdan, Constanta, Enrique) and senior CS/Law researchers (Catalina, Apolostolis). Read it here. To be presented at IFIPSEC2022.