Thesis topics

For students who are interested in writing their thesis under my supervision. Topics for thesis research include (but are not limited to):

  • Infinite games in extensive form with some structure on the payoffs
  • Repeated and Stochastic games with a ‘twist’, i.e. some kind of restriction on the payoffs, actions or transition probabilities,/\i>
  • Developing techniques/ algorithms to find stationary or subgame perfect equilibria in stochastic games
  • Algorithms to find optimal strategies in smaller versions of actual games. (Example: Recently a student used Fictitious Play to solve a simplified version of poker)
  • Nash-solvability of so-called ‘Chess-like Games’
  • Statistical research to find who┬áis the best of all time in certain sports (for which a large amount of data is available, e.g. tennis)


Assistant Professor at Maastricht University Department of Knowledge Engineering