Master students supervised:

Wellington Mahohoma (2014)
Stochastic Games with Frequency Dependent Stage Payoffs (pdf)

Linda Meessen (2012)
Stationary (epsilon-)equilibria in 2- and 3-player quitting games (pdf)

Bachelor students supervised:

Ansgar Prause (2015)
An Algorithm to Find Subgame-Perfect Equilibria in Recursive Perfect-Information Games (pdf)

Ioannis Papadopoulos (2015)
Fictitious Play applied on a simplified poker game (pdf)

Erlijn Linskens (2014)
Music Improvisation using Markov Chains (pdf)

Suzanne van Wijk (2012)
On Finding A Partially Visible, Moving Hider

Linda Meessen (2009)
Stationary Equilibrium Strategies in Repeated Games with Vanishing Actions (pdf)

Noortje Groot (2008)
From the Talmud into Present-Day Politics – A Bankruptcy Problem Approach to EU Fishery Management – (pdf)

Robbert de Zeeuw (2007)
Playing poker optimally

Assistant Professor at Maastricht University Department of Knowledge Engineering