Being a gametheorist it is only natural that I also like to play games. My favorite game is draughts (in Dutch: dammen). From a gametheoretic point of view I can say that draughts is a stochastic game with perfect information, which possesses stationary optimal strategies, so it is clearly related to my work. I will every once in a while post some interesting position or analysis here. If you are interested in this game: We have a very nice club here in Maastricht.

Schwarzman – Schoenmakers

Click on the link to find the best match that I ever played (and I did not even win it). It was during the last round of  ‘Brunssum 2006’ against Alexander Schwarzman, who half a year later would win the World Championship for a second time. In this I game managed to play a draw against him, thereby preventing him  from winning the tournament. And, if I may say so myself, it was quite a spectacular game.



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